Welcome to the Debs Project!

This is an informational website and blog relating to the ongoing 6-volume Selected Works of Eugene V. Debs project, edited by Tim Davenport and David Walters, to be published by Haymarket Books of Chicago. Volumes will appear annually beginning in January 2019.

Very rough working titles for the six volumes of the project are as follows:

Volume I: Building Solidarity on the Tracks, 1877-1892
[production pdf at the printer, release scheduled for January 2019.] 


Volume II: The Rise and Fall of the American Railway Union, 1892-1896
[now being proofread, book due late 2019.]

Volume III: Twisted Path to a Socialist Party, 1897-1904
[manuscript being finished, book due early 2020.]

Volume IV: Red Union, Red Paper, Red Train, 1905-1910

[research and compilation begins Feb. 1, 2019]


Volume V: The Icon at Zenith, 1911-1916   [due out 2021]

Volume VI: The Perils of Pacifism, 1917-1926   [due out 2022]

Each volume will include an editorial introduction; articles, press statements, and speeches by Socialist labor leader Eugene V. Debs; photographs and cartoons from the contemporary press; copious footnotes, and a professionally-produced index. Both hardcover and paperback versions of each volume will be published.

The editors solicit input from other Debs scholars in the United States and around the world. Please contact Tim Davenport: ShoeHutch@gmail.com