Home stretch (18-25)


I’m heading down the home stretch on document compilation and putting on a final kick for the finish line. No time to blog.

It will probably take me one week past my Aug. 1 soft deadline to get finished, judging by the list of items remaining to be found and assessed.




The deadline for Eugene V. Debs Selected Works: Volume 3 is October 15, 2018. I’m setting a soft deadline of August 1 to finish the document compilation phase of the project. This means there are now 1 more Saturday after today to get the core content section of the book assembled, with a limit for publication of approximately 260,000 words.

  • “Mayor Jones and ‘All the People’” — Jan. 1904 — 1,169 words
  • “The Crimes of Capitalism in Colorado” — April 9, 1904 — 931 words
  • “Stray Leaves from an Agitator’s Notebook” — June 1904 — 2,730 words
  • “The Independence Depot Bombing: A Case of Capitalist Infernalism” — June 25, 1904 — 1,806 words
  • “The Anniversary of Class War in Colorado” — June 25, 1904 — 1,538 words
  • The American Movement — Aug. 1904 — 8,599 words
  • “The Socialist Party’s Appeal for 1904” — Oct. 13, 1904 — 3,575 words

Word count: 271,074 in the can + 20,348 this week = 291,422 words total.

The above material — along with fairly vast numbers of other Debs speeches and articles — is available for free download via Marxists Internet Archive <www.marxists.org>

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Independent scholar from Corvallis, Oregon with a strong interest in early 20th century political history.
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